Series of workshops in Spain

The creative expert Irmina Insaurralde Andrés and the young people from Spain decided to split up their workshop into 16 shorter working sessions (instead of having one more compact workshop). This methodology gives them the opportunity to explore different creative techniques such as collage, printing, stamping, photography and more. In the first session, they visited some of the old industrial heritage buildings in Puerto de Sagunto, accompanied by the expert Maria Hebenstreit.

Asked about their motivation to join the Storytooling workshops, the young people answered that it is a great way of creating new spaces and narratives through culture and to connect with other young people Europe-wide. Some of the participants are also studying the artistic leaving certificate and consider the project as a chance to test new artistic methods and techniques.

The results of the different workshop sessions will be presented in a final exhibition and various cultural activities in the villages along the renowned “Via Verde” (former train tracks between Ojos Negros and Puerto de Sagunto).