SEMINAR | Industrial Heritage: vector for sustainable development in Europe

On 22 November 2023, Daniela Salazar from our partner organisation _ARTERIA_LAB – University of Évora in Portugal presented Storytooling in an online seminar on industrial heritage, organised by the Interreg project MEDHEUS.

During the seminar various issues around European industrial heritage were discussed. The industry was at the origin of the European Coal and Steel Community, which laid the foundations for the integration of European states and peoples that gave rise to the European Union. However, until recently, European Industrial Heritage was seen as an unwanted inheritance. Following the abandonment of many factories, mines and infrastructure linked to industrial territories, replaced by new and innovative techniques, European institutions found themselves faced with the need to develop policies that promote the valorization of Europe’s industrial legacy.

In 2019, the Council of Europe certified the ERIH – European Route of Industrial Heritage. Europeana provides a thematic repository dedicated to European Industrial Heritage, which currently has around 890 thousand items. Financing programmes for the areas of culture, heritage and creative industries have promoted the development of projects that promote the safeguarding and enhancement of Industrial Heritage in Europe.